Discovering Toulouse

Auteur : Quitterie Cazes

Auteur : Daniel Cazes

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Une invitation à découvrir, au fil des itinéraires proposés, l'histoire et le patrimoine toulousain. ©Electre 2022


120 photos and a text that focuses on the essentials for anybody wanting to find out more about Toulouse, its history, its districts, its churches and its ambiance.

Toulouse has always been the gateway to Southern France and its geographical position, climate and culture take visitors into a world that is decidedly Mediterranean. If you step beyond the image of Toulouse as the « Pink City », you'll find it is « Palladian » in its love of the Arts, « holy » with its dozens of churches, and a major commercial and agricultural centre.

From St. Sernin's to the Dominican monastery, from Les Augustins museum and art gallery to St. Stephen's cathedral, from the (central) square flanked by the Capitole to La Grave hospice and from the Assézat Mansion to the Fermat high school, brick has reigned supreme in Toulouse for more than two thousand years, as is obvious from its historic monuments.

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Thématique : Guides Midi-Pyrénées

Auteur(s) : Auteur : Quitterie Cazes Auteur : Daniel Cazes

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