Vandana Shiva, creative civil disobedience : interviews

Personne interviewée : Vandana Shiva

Interviewer : Lionel Astruc

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Entretiens avec l'écologiste altermondialiste indienne qui délivre ses pensées sur les enjeux du monde actuel : démocratie, souveraineté alimentaire et préservation des ressources, écoféminisme, etc. Face au pouvoir des firmes semencières dans l'agriculture industrielle, elle propose des alternatives, notamment à travers des pratiques agroécologiques de production. ©Electre 2021

Présentation en anglais Vandana Shiva An icon worldwide for the ecological revolution and a leader of the alter-globalization movement, Vandana Shiva has made teaching by example the basis of her work. Walking the back roads of India alone in the late 1980s in search of traditional seeds threatened by industrial agriculture, she returned leading a procession of 500 000 demonstrators, farmers and activists, and with a network of 120 seed banks in place. Her initiatives have borne fruit on five continents and her legal proceedings against multinational corporations have earned her numerous awards, including the « alternative Nobel prize. » Wrapped in her timeless sari of artisanal cotton, she calls upon each of us to become that « little nobody » who can reverse current trends. A doctor of quantum physics and philosophy, her history is marked by commitment, body and soul, to a country currently torn by an intense war for raw materials. Why is a major paradigm shift likely in the coming years ? What role should we play ? How does abundance for some and scarcity for others result in the loss of food sovereignty for everyone ? What is ecofeminism and how does it represent a major opportunity, for men as well as women, and for the planet ? This series of interviews alternately addresses both the major challenges of today and the epic journey of this successor to Gandhi. « An inspiring book. » Elle

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Paru le : 04/10/2017

Thématique : Risques et pollutions

Auteur(s) : Personne interviewée : Vandana Shiva Interviewer : Lionel Astruc

Éditeur(s) : Actes Sud

Collection(s) : Domaine du possible

Contributeur(s) : Traducteur : Shannon de Viviés

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