Marilyn & me : a memoir in words and photographs

Auteur : Lawrence Schiller

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En 1962, alors jeune photographe, Lawrence Schiller travaille avec Marilyn Monroe, légende vivante au seuil du déclin. Par le biais des mots et des images, prises sur le tournage de son dernier film, il offre un récit intime, mêlant humour, pudeur et compassion, qui décrit la star immense livrant son dernier combat et fait revivre le lien étonnant tissé entre eux. ©Electre 2022

A splash of Marilyn

On her final film, Marilyn Monroe gave a young photographer his big break, and this is their story

« You're already famous, now you're going to make me famous, » photographer Lawrence Schiller said to Marilyn Monroe as they discussed the photos he was about to shoot of her. « Don't be so cocky, » Marilyn replied, « photographers can be easily replaced. » The year was 1962, and Schiller, 25, was on assignment for Paris Match magazine. He already knew Marilyn - they had met on the set of Let's Make Love - but nothing could have prepared him for the day she appeared nude in the motion picture Something's Got to Give.

Marilyn & Me is an intimate story of a legend before her fall and a young photographer on his way up. Schiller's extraordinary photographs and vibrant storytelling take us back to that time with tact, humor, and compassion. With more than 100 images, including rare outtakes from the set of Marilyn's last film, the result is a real and unexpected portrait that captures the star in the midst of her final months.

Once I was at the door, I did what I was there to do : as soon as she sat down in front of her large makeup mirror, I started shooting. I had gotten off only a few shots when a short woman appeared in the dressing room and began combing Marilyn's hair.

Marilyn, who had final photo approval of my images, caught my eye in the mirror and, without turning around, said, « That's not the best angle for me. If you go over there » - tilting her head slightly, indicating a spot to the left - « you'll get a better photo, because the light will be better. »

I moved to where she suggested, and at that moment she turned her head halfway in my direction. Looking over her left shoulder, she flashed a coy smile that told me all I needed to know about Marilyn Monroe : she knew who she was, she knew who I was, she knew what to do, and she may have understood light better than I did and that would be to my advantage.
- Lawrence Schiller, from Marilyn Me

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