At home with May and Axel Vervoordt : recipes for every season

Auteur : May Vervoordt

Auteur : Axel Vervoordt

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Le couple de décorateurs présente un art de recevoir qui s'adapte à toutes les situations avec des recettes de saison, saines et légères, préparées à base de légumes du potager et d'épices. ©Electre 2021

Présentation en anglais « No one I know has more style than May Vervoordt. She combines the simplest, most delicious food with the earthiest country tableware and she does it all in the most elegant settings. She makes it all look effortless, which, of course, ensures that her parties are always fun. I'm thrilled that she's sharing her secrets so we can all bring a little of her style home. » Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa cookbooks and television « The food she serves is always delicious yet healthy. Her ingredients reflect and respect the season and, for the most part, arrive on your plate straight from her vegetable garden. » Dries Vans Noten In this volume, May Vervoordt at last divulges her entertaining secrets and one hundred lights, easy-to-prepare recipes. Creating dishes and table settings that complement one another, striking the perfect balance between simplicity and refinement, her approach to hosting is unique because it can be adapted to suit every occasion, from family meals to large parties. Her recipes are guided by the seasons and place emphasis on garden-fresh vegetables, bringing out their natural flavor through her measured and original use of spices. A consummate hostess, May gives dinners that linger in the memory of all those who have had the privilege of being invited to dine at her table, whether in Antwerp, Venice, or Verbier. Remarkable photographs extend an intimate invitation to readers, so they, too, can enjoy ther special blend of home entertaining.

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Paru le : 26/09/2012

Thématique : Cuisine traditionnelle

Auteur(s) : Auteur : May Vervoordt Auteur : Axel Vervoordt

Éditeur(s) : Flammarion

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Contributeur(s) : Collaborateur : Michael Gardner - Collaborateur : Patrick Vermeulen - Photographe : Jean-Pierre Gabriel

Série(s) : Non précisé.

ISBN : 2-08-020110-7

EAN13 : 9782080201102

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Pages : 173

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