Greenhouses and conservatories

Auteur : Olivier de Vleeschouwer

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Les orangeries construites au départ pour la survie des plantes venues des pays chauds ont été progressivement aménagées pour le plaisir des hommes. Des palais alliant verre et acier sont apparus lors des expositions universelles. Le jardin d'hiver peut aussi faire partie d'une maison particulière. Un carnet d'adresses des serres remarquables, des constructeurs pour réaliser sa propre serre. ©Electre 2024

When visiting the superb public gardens of London. New York or Paris, it is hard to remember that the magnificent palaces and cathedrals of soaring glass that we so admire today began life as simple mobile shelters for precious plants brought back from the tropics. It was the nobility's taste for exotic fruit that led to the creation of ever more elaborate and extravagant greenhouses and conservatories. The nineteenth century saw the expansion of public gardens open to all, and the birth of such ambitious creations as the Crystal Palace and Kew Gardens in London. Today, the public greenhouse plays a vital role in sheltering rare and endangered species as part of breeding programs, while grand creations like the Eden Project in Cornwall or Montreal's Biodôme are paving the way to the future.

The private greenhouse or conservatory, although on a smaller scale, can be just as enchanting. It is a place to relax, to be with friends, to escape from the stresses of everyday living. Take inspiration from this beautifully illustrated book to create your own masterpiece, big or small, modern or traditional. Whether you have space for a separate greenhouse in your own grounds or simply decide to roof over a terrace or balcony with glass. Greenhouses and Conservatories will help you make the best of the space available.

Olivier de Vleeschouwer has written several novels and stories for children, as well as gardening books. He is co-author of Flower Arranging in the French Style (Flammarion, 1998).

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Auteur(s) : Auteur : Olivier de Vleeschouwer

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