Living in Hungary

Auteur : Jean-Luc Soulé

Auteur (photographe) : Alain Fleischer

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Pays de traditions populaires aux paysages contrastés, riche de ses métiers d'art et de son patrimoine baroque, la Hongrie offre tout un art de vivre qui se traduit dans ses habitations : cafés, bains, palais baroques et immeubles Art nouveau de Budapest, villes surgissant des écrins de verdure le long du Danube et de la Tisza, maisons paysannes sur les rives du lac Balaton... Avec des adresses. ©Electre 2024

Hungary is a country that revels in contrast-a land of lakes and forests, opulent architecture and manicured vineyards, ancient folk traditions and a vibrant modern cultural scene. From townscapes untouched since the days of Empress Maria Theresa to the ancestral way of life of the fishermen on Lake Balaton, Hungary is one of Europe's most fascinating and inspiring countries. Living in Hungary takes you to Budapest, where the inhabitants of the twin cities Buda and Pest, on facing banks of the Danube, relax in cafés and bathhouses, and where the music of Liszt and Haydn is set against the colorful folk tunes of gypsy musicians. Then explore the magic of the Hungarian provinces : wine-tasting in the Tokay region, boat trips along the Danube, bathing in natural hot springs, and visiting castles tucked away in the country's baroque heart. This enchanting country-where history blends into legend and the past rubs shoulders with modernity-is a well-kept secret waiting to be discovered.

Hungary has always been at the crossroads of history. At various times the country has been an outpost of the Roman empire, overrun by Mongolian Tartars, conquered by the Ottomans, ruled by the Habsburg dynasty, and, more recently, part of the Soviet bloc. Centuries of adversity have forged a people who are creative, independent, and, above all, proud of their national heritage.

Hungary is a land of great diversity-from the sparsely populated regions on the pusztas and the immense plains in the center of the country, to the bustling capital of Budapest-one of the great cultural hubs of Central Europe, with a thriving economy.

Living in Hungary begins by taking you on a tour of the capital, exploring both well-known attractions and less familiar facets of the city that give a taste of the real Hungary, such as the táncház or open air folk dance venues. The magic of the Hungarian countryside is then evoked in chapters devoted to the provinces. From strolls through the Tokay vineyards, to sailing on the unruffled waters of Lake Balaton, and from hunting in the Gemenc forest to exploring the perfectly-preserved baroque architecture of Veszprém and Sopron.

Living in Hungary includes a comprehensive "Useful Information" section, detailing the finest hotels and restaurants for each region, as well as a comprehensive list of museums, music venues, and suggested visits.

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Thématique : Tapisserie d’ameublement

Auteur(s) : Auteur : Jean-Luc Soulé Auteur (photographe) : Alain Fleischer

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