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Auteur : Franck Ferrand

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Un guide pour découvrir les trésors culturels de la France à travers cent lieux classés par thèmes : Moyen Age, châteaux, musées, vignobles, jardins, entre autres. Avec des cartes détaillées et une liste de lieux complémentaires pour prolonger la découverte. ©Electre 2024

France is replete with sites steeped in history, from painted prehistoric caves to Roman aqueducts, and from medieval churches to Renaissance chateaux, and its geography is extraordinarily diverse, from mountain ranges and coastlines to vineyards and rivers. French historian Franck Ferrand draws a new portrait of France through 100 essential places to discover, organized thematically and cross-referenced on regional maps.

Behold the enigmatic standing stones of Carnac or the Roman Theater of Orange ; visit the homes of Leonardo da Vinci, George Sand, or Charles de Gaulle ; stroll past Monet's water lilies at Giverny or through the formal gardens at Villandry ; admire the artistry of the Bayeux Tapestry or the Issenheim Altarpiece ; and savor the wines of Beaujolais or the famous Médoc.

This volume - which spans regions and cities, museums and monuments, architecture and natural wonders - provides readers with a fresh introduction to the world's most beloved country.

Franck Ferrand is renowned for his love of France and its immeasurable beauty. Each year, during the prestigious Tour de France, he delights viewers with his historical commentary, showcasing the country's national treasures during the various stages of the bicycle race. This passion led him to conceive this remarkable collection of 100 cultural and natural sites to be visited throughout France, which is organized by theme in order to reveal the richness and diversity of France's incomparable heritage.

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Thématique : Guides France

Auteur(s) : Auteur : Franck Ferrand

Éditeur(s) : Flammarion

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