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Présentation de la ville de Reims à travers six itinéraires pour découvrir ses quartiers, son patrimoine archéologique et architectural, son terroir, notamment viticole, et ses paysages naturels. ©Electre 2024

The guide Reims

When I first explored the streets of the Coronation City some 15 years ago, I was most struck by the majesty of the landscapes, dominated by the towering cathedral.

My adoptive home is like a vintage champagne : both can be enjoyed on any occasion, for festivities or merely to celebrate the joy of being here.

Each tasting, each stroll through the city, offers an opportunity to chance upon a hidden treasure - an unexpected delight or a new facet of this city steeped in nobility and character.

Reims, the « Coronation City » stands at the crossroads of the Champagne region. Damaged during the Great War, it reinvented itself in the Art Deco style. With its elegant, decorative architecture and prestigious past, Reims is an unforgettable metropolis. This guide provides a historical overview, together with six itineraries for exploring its heritage and discovering its territory.

Villes et pays d'art et d'histoire Prime heritage sites recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication The objective of the network of Villes et Pays d'Art et d'Histoire (Towns and Regions of Art and History) is to showcase the cultural, architectural and urban dimensions of an area. From antiquity to the 21st century, the focus is on the aesthetic and social aspects of architecture and nature, enabling you to make discoveries and meet people. Organized by qualified guides and specialist personnel, a wealth of tours, itineraries and events are now available to help you enjoy the many different facets of a particular town and its surroundings. They cater to everyone from individuals and families to school groups, and to visitors and locals alike. Today, 202 of these Villes et Pays d'Art et d'Histoire are recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, a guarantee of excellence for the public.

The strength and dynamism of this network rests on a shared concern for quality.

Heritage for all

Discovery tours give a sense of the city or region as a whole, from ancient ruins to contemporary art and architecture. Thematic tours delve more deeply into certain aspects, showing visitors little-known or unusual sites, highlighting specific periods or architectural styles, or evoking everyday life in a given period. Certain towns or also propose visits specially designed for disabled visitors. Exhibitions, both temporary and permanent, also contribute to the experience. In order to enrich this process, the cities and regions are setting up architecture and heritage centres for tourists and locals alike, which also serve as an educational resource for young people.

For younger visitors

Historical and architectural tours are organized for school groups of all ages. Workshops and classes encourage a more active approach to cultural heritage, giving children an opportunity to meet architects, archaeologists, and artists. In the summer, adventure and discovery activities are available for children aged six to twelve in parallel with the adult tours.

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