The Buddha writings of Nichiren Daishônin

Auteur : Nichiren

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Correspondances de Nichiren, prêtre, missionnaire et réformateur bouddhiste japonais. ©Electre 2021

Présentation en anglais Nichiren Daishônin (1222-1282) wrote hundreds of theses and letters which were personally addressed to a number of his followers, many of which survive to this day, treasured by monasteries and individuals throughout the Japanese archipelago. The content of the writings of Nichiren Daishônin defines each instant of our lives as including the totality of all the past, present and future aeons as well as the entirety of space they occupy. He explains that the causes of everything that happens to us throughout our lives as well as what will become of us is already latent in our respective biographies. Reality is our subjective response to an objective environment at the actual moment it occurs. Each momentary configuration of events is a correlation of mind and materiality. Although this concept of existence may apparently give us little room to move, Nichiren Daishônin makes it clear through the practical application of his teaching we can lighten our karma and become fully realized and individuated persons. The object of this book is to show that such a Buddha teaching exists.

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