The siege of Orléans and the Loire campaign : Joan of Arc and the passage to victory, 1428-29

Auteur : Stéphane Gondoin

Paru le : 30/10/2010
Série(s) : Non précisé.
Collection(s) : Men and battles, n° 6
Contributeur(s) : Illustrateur : Ludovic Letrun - Traducteur : Jennifer Meyniel - Cartographe : Jean-Marie Mongin - Cartographe : Denis Gandilhon - Cartographe : Grégory Proch - Illustrateur : Christophe Camilotte

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Une description des affrontements entre Français et Anglais en 1428 et 1429 dans la région d'Orléans, en pleine Guerre de Cent ans, et en particulier de l'arrivée de Jeanne d'Arc lors du siège d'Orléans jusqu'à la bataille décisive de Patay. ©Electre 2018

Quatrième de couverture

Présentation en anglais The siege of Orléans and the loire campaign, 1428-29 Joan of arc and the passage to victory Year 1428. The war between England and France has been raging for nearly one hundred years. Following the signature of the Treaty of Troyes in 1420, the French throne officially belongs to the Lancaster dynasty. The young Henry VI, a six year old prince empowers himself « by the Grace of God, King of France and England. » In reality, his power lies with the Regent John Bedford, a competent and pragmatic man in his forties. The English and their allies, the Burgundians, control territory to the north of the Loire, but have no control of regions beyond the vast river. In Bourges, Charles VII reigns as heir to the Valois dynasty, also claiming his right to the French throne. He is surrounded by his supporters, the renowned Armagnacs. The two sides embark on a bitter battle. France has two kings : this is one too many ! During the summer, Bedford decides to eliminate his enemy whom he considers to be a usurper. A powerful English army lands at Calais, heads to the Loire and besieges Orléans. Charles VII believes the loss of this town will cause the fall of his sovereignty. He therefore decides to defend it at all costs. From October 1428 to May 1429, fierce fighting continues around the town located on the Loire River. The situation seems to be lost for the besieged, until the arrival of a young peasant girl from the Lorraine, named Joan. The exploits of the Maid of Orléans lead to the making of her legend. Inspired by her, the French rekindle their taste for victory and go from one success to another, until the decisive battle at Patay. This is an explicit, animated and richly illustrated book which enables the reader to relive these moments of great endeavour.

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Paru le : 30/10/2010

Thématique : Histoire de France - Généralités

Auteur(s) : Auteur : Stéphane Gondoin

Éditeur(s) : Histoire et collections

Collection(s) : Men and battles, n° 6

Série(s) : Non précisé.

ISBN : 2-35250-119-9

EAN13 : 9782352501190

Format : Non précisé.

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