Asia minor and Mesopotamia : chronological table from -3300 to the present

Auteur : Maurice Griffe

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Table chronologique de -3300 à la guerre du Golfe de l'ancienne Asie mineure et Mésopotamie, aujourd'hui regroupées sous le terme de Moyen-Orient. ©Electre 2021

Présentation en anglais It is in Asia Minor at Catal Huyuk, and in the Jordan valley, at Jericho, that the most ancient agricultural centres of the world have been found (communities organized circa -7000, -6000. It is in Mesopotamia that one goes from Prehistory to History with the advent of writing. These regions, situated at the confluence of three continents (Asia, Europe, Africa) were the melting pot of our civilization. They were the obligatory passage for all the migrations and invasions. The three monotheist religions appeared there, developped and clashed. It is really there that the cradle of humanity is to be found. This document, represented in the form of a linear chronology, enables complicated periods to be clarified ; for example the collapse of Alexander's empire, the arrival of the Seljuk and Ottoman Turks in the Arab caliphates and sultanates which had just been constituted. Maurice Griffe Composition of the document Cover Map of Near East Chronology Maps Présentation en français Sources - Atlas du Monde Antique Edition Club France Loisir - Atlas du monde romain Nathan - Atlas historique Erasme - Atlas Historique Bordas - Dictionnaire de l'Histoire Michel Mourre - Dictionnaire Larousse - Revue "Notre Histoire" - Revue "l'Histoire" - Revue "Historia" -

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Thématique : Autres périodes antiquité

Auteur(s) : Auteur : Maurice Griffe

Éditeur(s) : Tableaux synoptiques de l'histoire

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