Lucy Orta

Auteur : Roberto Pinto

Auteur : Nicolas Bourriaud

Auteur : Maia Damianovic

Paru le : 16/10/2003
Éditeur(s) : Phaidon
Série(s) : Non précisé.
Contributeur(s) : Non précisé.

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A travers des entretiens et des essais, cet album propose une approche du travail de L. Orta, une artiste qui examine les liens sociaux entre les communautés et les relations entre les individus et leur environnement. Utilisant les ressources de la mode, de l'activisme social, du théâtre de rue, etc., elle invente des prototypes de vêtements pour situations d'urgence qu'elle met ensuite en scène. ©Electre 2016

Quatrième de couverture

Présentation en anglais Lucy Orta Orta's work examines the social bonds within communities and the relationships between individuals and their environments. In the early 1990s Orta began a series of works that combined architecture, fashion and social activism. These works took the form of prototype clothing and portable shelters for emergency situations. Orta's work has since grown to incorporate interdisciplinary workshops, contemporary dance and other actions that explore notions of identity, shared space and networking. These projects include collaborations with such marginalized groups as the unemployed, the homeless and immigrants. Orta has staged solo exhibitions and performances at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paris (1996), the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (1998), and the Wiener Secession, Vienna (1999). She has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale (1995), the Johannesburg Biennale (1997) and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo (1998). In addition Orta frequently works outside the usual art world of gallery and museum exhibitions. Orta is currently the first Rootstein Hopkins Chair of Fashion at the London College of Fashion, part of The London Institute, and heads the new master programme 'Man and Humanity' at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Italian curator Roberto Pinto traces the development of Orta's work and the social and political factors that her projects are a response to. French critic and curator Nicolas Bourriaud discusses with Orta her working practices. Maia Damianovic examines in detail the work 70 x 7 The Meal, a dinning project for an infinite number of discussions and encounters. For the Artist's Choice Orta has selected a texts by her husband, Argentinian artist Jorge Orta with whom she frequently collaborates, and by French philosopher Paul Virilio who's interests in urbanism and new technologies reflect her own. Orta's writings include preparatory drawings and diaries that record her projects, and an interview with Paul Virilio.

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Paru le : 16/10/2003

Thématique : Art du XXème siècle

Auteur(s) : Auteur : Roberto Pinto Auteur : Nicolas Bourriaud Auteur : Maia Damianovic

Éditeur(s) : Phaidon

Collection(s) : Contemporary artists = Artistes contemporains

Série(s) : Non précisé.

ISBN : 0-7148-4300-8

EAN13 : 9780714843001

Format : Non précisé.

Reliure : Broché sous jaquette

Pages : 159

Hauteur : 29 cm / Largeur : 25 cm

Épaisseur : 2,0 cm

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