How to taste wine : a new approach to wine testing

Auteur : François Martin

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Ce guide rassemble les connaissances de base en oenologie pour savoir apprécier les qualités d'un vin. La robe, le cépage, les arômes, la décantation sont quelques-uns des points abordés par l'ouvrage. ©Electre 2023

How to Taste Wine

The goal of this book is to bring the methodology of sensorial analysis used by professionals when tasting wine to the consumer, so that they can benefit, sharing it in exchange with others. Tasting wine is one of life's pleasures, it is an 'art de vivre', a way of living. It involves all of the senses ; hearing, sight, taste and touch. It enables us to be conscious of our own sensorial capacities, often under-estimated and frequently underutilized.

In this book François Martin offers us the benefit of his many years of experience and the content of his lessons proven over the years of teaching both wine amateurs and absolute beginners.

Step-by-step, he outlines a simple, clear methodology which he accompanies by some simple ideas from both the science of agronomy and oenology. A complete glossary at the back of the book gives the reader a modern and useful vocabulary to refer to and use.

This book is to be enjoyed 'without moderation' to discover and develop the simple pleasures of tasting wine.

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