Cryptogamic diseases of the vine : wood and green tissue diseases caused by fungi

Auteur : Bernadette Dubos

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Les maladies fongiques de la vigne sont très répandues. Ce guide permet de les identifier rapidement et efficacement pour éviter qu'elles ne se développent. ©Electre 2022

Bernadette Dubos' passion for vines goes back to her roots in the Corrèze region of France where her forefathers were vintners in Allassac, one of the most celebrated wines from this ancient vine growing region. After a scientific degree she joined INRA, the national plant research institue, and became a specialist in withering diseases of the vine and Botrytis bunch rot.

Expert with the Office Interprofessionnel des Vins, president of various national and international organisations, she spends her time visiting foreign vineyards the world over to deepen her under-standing and to anticipate the problems she might be faced with. Each encounter is an occasion to share her passion, whether it be with the students at her laboratory, owners of wine-producing properties, wine journalists or other actors in the viniviticultural field.

Parasitic Fungal Diseases in the Vine was written in this spirit. For the first time, this book is a summary of the main parasitic fungal diseases affecting the vine. It is very understandable. Everything is clearly explained: how to recognise the symptoms and there-fore the disease, what damage it might do, the causal organism, the disease cycle, how to associate active substances and a control strategy.

Complete and accessible, this book will enable all vintners to easily understand how to protect their vineyards and yet maintain an ecological balance. Students doing a two-year technical course, students of oenology or following a university degree in vine biology will soon become familiar with parasitic fungi.

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