Ludmila Novikova's special page

Publié le 17/06/2004
Dear Mrs Novikova,Here is the recap page where you'd find all the available books on your list.

Let's call this the user's manual.

Here are a few explanations to help you ordering books.

  • You'll find all above the complete list of available books we found in the list you sent.

    To order them, please click on the title.
  • Next, you'll find the book detailed notice, then click on « Ajouter au panier » (add to cart), the little picto on the right of the page.
  • When your order is complete, clik on « Votre panier » (Your Cart, top left of the page), you'll reach a recap page with the list of all the books you want to order.
  • If you agree with the list and prices, clik on Commander (Order it).

  • The next page will ask you fot your log and password. In the way to make your ordering easy, I created a special account for you.

The ID is : ludmilanovi

The password : brigitte

Type ID (identifiant) an password (mot de passe) in the required fields and validate.


  • The next page is a recap page of your options.
    You'll notice that the adresse de livraison (delivery adress) and the adresse de facturation (billing adress) are fake. Please click on Modifier and type the actual adresses. After correction, validate by cliking on Poursuivre la commande

  • The Mode de livraison frame proposes you two ways of delivery.

Chronopost is the fastest (and it's guaranted)

Colis Postal is the cheapest (but slower and without any guarantee)

  • Envoi personnalisé gives you the opportunity to ask for special options (gift paper and personalized message)

  • Then the Récapitulatif part with titles and prices (please check them again)
    Please note that you can find the global shipping price in the Total Général frame.
    Also note that, from  France to Russia, we export books taxfree.

  • And here comes the Validation part.
    Don't forget to click on the J'ai lu et j'accepte les conditions générales de vente (that means you agree with our trade conditions) and clik on the Red logo above (our bank, la Caisse d'Epargne).
  • You'll be re-routed on a secure bank website in order to finalize your payment. The bank agreement validates your order. A few minutes later, our Web logistic service will receive your order ; it can take one or to weeks to get all your books together. Missing books will be re-credited on your bank account, also the shipping coast.

I hope I've been clear enough. If I don't, you can mail me at or phone me at 0033556564057 (direct line).

Sincerely yours,

Hugues de Domingo